Social Media Influencer Equipment

Social Media Influencer Equipment

Equipment Every Social Media Influencer Must Have

What every influencer needs?

  • Social Media Data and Analytics
  • Basic SEO (search engine optimization) skills:
  • Email Marketing skills
  • Visual Content Production skills
  • Qualitay Production Equipment: Smartphone, camera, ring light, microphone, laptop/desktop

What Equipment do influencers use?

  • Post Production Apps: Video editing, photo editing, sound edition.
  • Social Media Apps: Instagram, TikTop, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube
  • Smartphones: IPhone, Android
  • Camera: Video Camers
  • Tripods for smartphones, cameras of all types
  • Ring Lights: Selfie enhancing lighting
  • Mobile Microphones: Qulity portalbe mics.

What Equipment Setup do you need to be a social media influencer?

  • Smartphone & Internet connection
  • Good Studio Lighting: Ring Light
  • Tripod: light weight mobile tripod
  • Microphone: mobile and studio quality
  • Vidoe & Photo Editing Software

Top Essential Influencer Equipment for Instagram & TikTok

TikTok or Instagram? or both? Are you going to only post videos or also images and stories? So many crucial choices 😉 The answers to these questions will point you in the right direction what type of influencer gear you need to dominate your niche.

What do you need to be an Instagram influencer?

The answer to this question will depend on your current situation and goals. Instagram offers influencers to post both images and videos. A good Smartphone like a good Iphone or Samsung Galaxy will be enough to start your journe. But if you are more advanced good lighting (at minimum a ring light) A flexible tripod and a mobile micro will be a must have item.

Top Visual Content Creation Equipment for Influencers

Finding the top visual content creation equipment for your influencer needs is probable the most important first step to get the most out of your influencer passions.

Lighting and a good camera lens will make a gigantic difference. What type you get will be determined by the type of influencer you are. Are you mainly desk-bound or outdoors? do you only use your smartphone or a video camera and tripod?

Sound is also very important for video creation so make sure you have a good enough microphone to support your story.

The Best Phones to Use for Instagram Influencer Posts

As an influencer you always have your phone with you. So it is vital to have a smartphone that takes the best pictures and stunning videos day and night. Not only that but your phone should also be able to have apps to edit your videos and photos and even do some graphic design work on the go…. And have 5G Internet connection to upload your vids fast to TikTok, Instagram and Youtube.

What type of phone you choose to use will depend on if you like Apple or Android.



Which phone camera is best for Instagram?

Currently these are the best phones on the market for Influencers to use with instagram.

  1. Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max
  2. Huawei P40 Pro
  3. Samsung Galaxy S21

In the future there will be better phones but for the next year one of the above should be good enough to create amazing influencer content.

Essential Influencer Production Gear & Setup

Essential Influencer Production Gear & Setup

What Production Gear Do Influencers Use?​

You love your favorite influencer’s posts. You love how clear and concise they are. You love the quality and color reproduction of the videos and photos. You love how clear the audio in the video or the podcast is. Have you ever for once thought what kind of gear is used to bring to you such high-quality content?

Of course, you have. That’s why you are here. You may have surface knowledge on what it takes to produce such content, but you have no idea the scope and breadth of the equipment’s capabilities and how they are used.

It’s safe to say, not all influencers are the same. They may use varying types of equipment, of different price points, but it could be their skill that enables them to get such good quality content. However, they will still need to use physical gear. Here are some of the things an influencer will use.

Best Camera Gear for Influencer Productions​

Since the integration of the camera to the phone, a good majority of the population of the world today is within 6 feet of a camera. However, that is not a guarantee that every person can produce quality content in the mold of an influencer.

To produce high quality content, the capturing process has to be supported by excellent quality. This means getting a good camera that can accurately encode color and high resolutions and also have good lenses for different situations.

Some influencers will decide to use a GoPro, especially those who produce sports or other high energy content. Others will decide to use a high-end smartphone to capture their work but these have their limits. By far, most influencers turn to DSLR cameras which are excellent Jacks of all trades.

Best Camera Microphones for  Influencer Video Productions

For those recording sound, the microphone of a smartphone can capture sound, the quality is what will differ. Influencers will turn to external microphones of excellent quality to capture sound. Just to keep wind noise to a minimum, others will add shielding commonly referred to as a dead cat.

A good microphone will just make the editor/audio engineer’s job that much easier as there is so much for them to work with. A poor-quality microphone will be difficult to work with, and can even hamper the quality of a video.

Must-have Lighting Equipment for Influencer

It’s not every influencer who will get the chance to film or photograph their content outside where the sun is providing all manner of beautiful lighting. Others have to do their work indoors. The workstation may not be the best in terms of lighting. Supplemental lighting will be required.

While the normal LED bulbs may seem like they might do the job, they are not recommended. Instead, there are a variety of lights, tailor-made for different situations in the content production process. Some are good for adding little glows to the photos, others can illuminate dark rooms and act as replacements for the sun.

They also add utility to the content production process as a lot of different scenarios can be photographed or filmed just by manipulating the lights. 

Post Production Software for Quality Influencer Content

One all of the filming or photo shooting is completed, the most important part of an influencer content production starts. Post Production. There are several video-editing and photo-editing softwares to choose from but the best one to choose is the one that fits your still best.